Man had never been contented with gratification of physical appetites only ,thus his soul is filled with divine discontentment so ,it is restless and languishes even in the midst of material plenty .Thus he goes out to a far away land where nature gives balm to his bruised heart .....and here our journey begins.

The Vigiland Sculpture Park in Oslo ....This park is sculpted by one man ,Gustav Vigeland.The park's sculptures represent the people in all phases of their life .Here all the figures are nude so that every human being can identify himself in this circle of life.

You will love to spend some time in places that man hasn't yet messed up with pollution and destruction..... At country side, Oslo

Nobel Prize banquet takes place here at The city Hall , Stockholm.

The lake Vanern at Karlstad ----One of the Sweden's loveliest lake side town .

Rock Church in Finland .

Little Mermaid in Copenhagen .

Passing through the splendid Swedish archipelagos.

View of Fjords ,at Norway.

The colourful Warehouses are a real place of enchantment.- Bergen

In the Fjords.

Picture postcard countryside ,Oslo.

A rudimentary European style of buildings in the City center ----Estonia.

More popular places