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A teacher by profession and an artist by passion ,I am a traveller who travel around the world admiring the wonders of nature, ancient art , culture and architecture.
Brought up in Tagore's abode of peace , Santiniketan, I realized at a tender age that how art and nature are intangibly entwined and also discovered my intense longing for art.While growing up in the lap of nature my aesthetic sense developed and I acquired a bit of skills and technique of painting under the guidance of some renowned painters of those decades.

Here I bring to you my collection of hand painted sarees where flowers are my priority subject as they convey a strong message of love trust loyality, respect and friendship .If my artwork is  carefully observed ,a new style of painting on fabric would be discovered as they are used as canvases.The selection of fabric plays a vital role in making these hand painted sarees because the texture of the fabric enhances the beauty of the painting . Unwillingness of painting on a pattern design made my work more challenging as I belive that repeatation of same work minimizes one's vision and creativity.Artwork is like perfume to me which has no value until it is sprinkled on others so I invite you all to take the essence of it .I think my version of sarees will bring about a different dimension in your sense of fashion .Walk on this untrodden path and discover the untapped elegance in you.

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