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Shower of sunshine

Amaltas the golden shower is symbolic to sunshine , warmth , energy ,hope and happiness.I trust your life would also be radiated with these golden shower.

The Purple Blossom

Cherry blossoms are symbolic of the fragility and beauty of life. Their tragically short life is a beautiful reminder that we must celebrate all the little joys in life.

You are worthy of a magnolia

The white fragrant magnolia symbolises nobility and purity .Since ages these flowers are thought to be a womanly beauty and gentleness .

Travel Diaries

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Trotting around the world for 33 years made me a passionate traveller .I didn't know when it entered in to my veins and became Integral part of my existence .

From My Experience

To ADORN you and to GUIDE you around the world.


Adorn yourself in Fashion and style with the hand-crafted exclusive designs.

Here I bring to you my collection of hand painted sarees where flowers are my priority subject as they convey a strong message of love trust loyality, respect and friendship . If my artwork is carefully observed ,a new style of painting on fabric would be discovered as they are used as canvases.

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Travel along with me through the picturesque description of my journey around.

In this busy mad rush of life our souls are always hankering for blissful peace and travelling is the best remedy to comfort our souls. When I feel this feverish activity devouring my energy and robbing my mental peace I tie my shoe laces for exploring a new land, a new destination.

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