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Trotting around the world for 33 years made me a passionate traveller. I didn't know when it entered in to my veins and became Integral part of my existence. In this busy mad rush of life our souls are always hankering for blissful peace and travelling is the best remedy to comfort our wearied souls.When I feel feverish activity devouring my energy and robbing my mental peace I tie my shoe laces for exploring a new land ,a new destination. Being extremely lucky, I still continuously feed my passion.

For the first 17 years we only travelled around India with meagre requirements.But nothing seemed to bother us, how we travelled,where we slept or what we ate was just a passionate affair with travelling. Now when I walk down on my memory lane and see how much hardship we had endured for this love affair, it fills me with a sense of gratification and contentment . Having no access to sharing experiences in the past, we used to write in our dairies and kept it hidden under the matress. But now our choices are plenty and I started posting on the Facebook beautiful photos of exotic places with a short write-up highlighting my experiences. And it is hugely rewarding for me when friends say how my posts have inspired them to visit those places that I have already visited. Its a great feeling that your little sharing helped others to live their dreams.

Thus I thought of writing travel blog with a dash of inspiration and my real story, I could reignite my friends' sleeping desire for travelling through which their bruised souls can be rejuvenated. I know how much travelling gifted me in all aspects of my life and I am also passionate about what we can do to make our life better.Through blog, I can show my thoughts and share my experiences in a more detailed and informative way. I pondered and started writing My tb purely to share my travel experience.I wanted to incorporate my mission and journey into it so that people can have better memories with their traveling.

Another reason for writing travel blog is to document and share my adventures and memories.It would be unfair from my part if I hold back my story and lesson on the roads within me without allowing them to have deeper and wider purpose .

When I travel all my apprehensions disappear and I get connected with my innerself, a soothing feeling that helps me to recognize my own self. But popular tourist places never allow you to have that soul searching blissful happiness. That's why sometimes we should escape tourist traps and beaten tracks in favour of the less travelled remote places in off seasons . Lastly , travelling gives you a sense of accomplishment that is the joys of all .

P.S. I owe my husband Amitava Ghosh one for being the man behind the lens for all these amazing photographs