I am always pretty ecstatic when the month of December approaches and look around for an excuse to celebrate each day of the two months of the winter because it has such a warm feeling in it that everyone loves to enjoy every bit of these chilling months. So,this is the right time to escape from our time bound life for a refreshing change. This time wintry wind jostled us through the crowd of Spain where people thronged over the streets to celebrate the holy grail of winter and soon we were also in a fever of Christmas and New year..... this is the land of soccer , bullfighting, Flamenco, Picasso, Gaudi,Tapas and Paella.....yes this is ESPANIA.

Following our own itinerary, we spent 3days in Madrid and Toledo.It is a typical mediaeval city with narrow meandering cobblestone streets , impressive churches and synagogues all have Jewish , Christian,and Moorish cultural aspects imbibed in them .Toledo is truely a beautiful historical must visit place in Spain.Travelling Spain would have been incompleted if we hadn't watched Flamenco, and we didn't miss the unbelievable performance of those unsung performers.
Next we went to Barcelona and Montserrat.There are certain things that undoubtedly and quintessentially define a country and Spain has more than its fair share where Antony Gaudi's architectures holds the marvel of engineering and creativiy. Montserrat is a rocky multi peaked mountain range where clouds hover over the cliffs to welcome its guests.......and having piping hot Paella and Tapas were like celebrating joy that would continue to give us pleasure all along..... lastly we ended our vacation in Amsterdam by watching festival of lights

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